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Revolutionising Recruitment

…..Our philosophy is one of flexibility and change. We aren’t stuck in a
routine process; we adapt to an ever-changing market and provide a tailored
and individual service depending on candidate and client requirements…


We’ve always planned to cater for the expected advances in technology that would inevitably impact on client demands for trained qualified (and unqualified) staff. The collapse of the major international financial institutions in 2008 resulted in the total collapse of some major industrial and commercial companies, and a severe reduction in production and trade throughout the developed world. For us here at Chameleon Personnel, we listened to our clients: The writing was writ large upon the wall: You need to adapt too.

The Revolutionary Recruitment Deal is the result of this particular change. In essence, the deal offers clients an absolute guarantee of a fixed recruitment expenditure on a monthly basis that applies for the provision of either a single recruit or several recruits over their financial year. What makes the deal truly revolutionary is that it is so low cost that whether you recruit ONE or TWENTY from us it can work for you: With or without your own in-house recruitment function you can have your own dedicated ‘salaried’ recruitment consultant on hand to deal with your own specific needs.

Any company, irrespective of size, that has ever recruited through an agency, is well aware of the cost of each recruitment and the range of prices charged with respect to the salary attached to the post. Our LOW cost Monthly paid Revolutionary New Deal takes much of the guess work out of budgeting for your recruitment costs.

To obtain full details of the New Revolutionary Recruitment Deal click here. Or if you prefer you can also arrange your own 20 minute presentation where required at a time to suit you:

e-mail: Fiona@Chameleonpersonnel.co.uk