...specialists in Finance and Accountancy Recruitment

Chameleon Personnel Services is a small specialist Recruitment Business dealing predominantly with Executive appointments in Accounts and Finance.  Over the past 17 years we have established a reputation of reliability and trust with a client base which encompasses a substantial slice of the Home Counties and North London.

As with most small recruitment businesses the COVID pandemic has led us to make a change in the way we operate. As our name suggests however we're quite used to making changes. We've been doing this for the last 17 years since established and constantly adapting to an ever-changing market and the needs of our clients is something we do very well. January 2021 simply presents an opportunity to refine what we do

After the downturn in 2008 we launched what turned out to be a very successful recruitment scheme allowing our clients to continue to recruit quality candidates using a variety of recruitment tools at a fraction of the cost, enabling them to carefully manage their recruitment budgets.
We ran this scheme for 12 years until the global pandemic put the kybosh on it in March 2020

In 2021 we now offer a new solution whereby clients employ the services of a dedicated financial recruitment specialist who will take on full responsibility for filling your role. 
For candidates this does mean that unless we are dealing specifically with a role that you are interested in applying for, then there is no 'registration' service as such, but we are ALWAYS happy to provide application and interview advice free of charge.


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With a dedicated team of consultants, and someone on hand to deal with your vacancy at times to suit you, Chameleon Personnel will always aim to deal with your recruitment requirement quickly and efficiently. Since the launch of our new recruitment model you can now recruit for up to 2 roles from us in a one year period