Why should the best candidates come to work for you?

Why should the best candidates come to work for you?

 13 Jul 2015


It’s essential to remember at each interview that you are trying to create the best possible impression of your firm or organization.

Bear in mind the question at the back of ALL of the best candidates’ heads:  ‘What’s in it for me?’

The answer to this question is completely different for everyone: a good career move or a step down; a role closer to home or a re-location and a fresh start; a less bossy boss or some more direct guidance OR (as is becoming increasingly the case)


Very few people actually move for ‘more money / salary’, it’s the BENEFITS that attract.

Look closely at your benefits package. And I don’t mean benefits that cost an awful lot of money to provide. Recent surveys have shown that staff retention is stronger in organisations who celebrate birthdays with cakes; order pizza for everyone once a month and take the organisation of outside social events and competitions seriously enough to have someone responsible for it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Private Health (it pays to shop around here) or Executive Cars.

Look at what you do have and ‘enhance’ your benefits package. Perhaps you don’t view it as a benefit, but it is!

List it all out: Coffee, (upgrade the machine – minimum cost, maximum benefit) Free Parking or pay more per mile, Christmas Free Days / Bonuses. Sick Pay (this IS a benefit remember).

And working with you of course!

One of my clients actually listed this at the bottom of his Job Description recently!
But joking aside it’s ‘all about the people’ and I am a great believer in my candidates’ gut reaction when they exit the interview room about working with the people they have just met …
And if interviewing isn’t your strong point – enlist the help of a colleague in another department … or us!


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