Are you 'Defensive'?

Are you 'Defensive'?

 20 Mar 2019


Aryou being Defensive?

Defensive comments and body language are incredibly off-putting for recruitment consultants.

Today I was calling candidates who had applied for a temp role and having found out that a particular candidate was on a week’s notice I then asked if he was on an hourly rate at present (didn’t even ask how much that hourly rate was at this stage) to which he replied curtly

‘Why is that relevant?’

Immediately he is suddenly not at the top of my list for this temp job.

My client wants someone who can get stuck in straight away without challenging them from the outset.
Frustrating as it is when job-seeking dealing with numerous consultants and answering repetitive questions, please remember that as personal as it seems, that is our job: and as the money is important to you in every assignment, it’s also one of the most important (and early) questions we will ask when you apply for a job. 

Please be nice to us ��



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