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Why Pay a Recruitment Fee to Chameleon Personnel (or any other consultancy for that matter)?

In the demanding world of financial recruitment finding the right candidate for your role is not something that can be done by running a simple CV search on a computer.

It’s true that this initial screening will provide you with a number of CVs displaying a certain skillset but what about the all important subjective factors:

  • Do they really want your job? After all they didn’t apply for it.
  • Personality and team fit
  • How do they come across in person? Enthusiasm (or lack of it) doesn’t shine through on a CV
  • Credibility

Hiring the right Recruitment Consultant can save you not only time but it also minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate. Why? Well, recruitment consultants test these subjective factors day in and day out. They have been exposed numerous times to the candidate that pulls the wool over your eyes; they are versed in the art of digging beneath ‘reasons for leaving’ their last job and they can immediately spot the ‘I just need a job, any job’ candidate from the one who actually wants your job.

We’re not infallible of course but many years of recruiting into plc finance divisions, appointing someone to run an SME Accounts team and ascertaining the right-hand man (or woman) for the entrepreneurial Owner-Managed Business has given us a valuable insight into what might work and what definitely doesn’t!
With OMBs in particular much boils down to the right ‘culture’ fit.

Although A.I. is gathering speed with the advent of Big Data it will be some time before your PC flings the perfect candidate straight at you without incurring substantial costs.

It costs nothing to meet us and decide for yourself before entrusting us to take on the task of recruiting the right person for your business or team. And if you value your own time it won’t be long before you weigh up our fee against it and we come out floating on top. ??


Interim Finance

It's not always possible to make time to recruit but it's essential that we take time to recruit.
Using interim assistance in finance buys you time.

Whether it's assistance in the purchase ledger team or an analyst to work on a tender, covering a terminally ill Finance Director or creating a new Group Financial Controller role you'll find that Interim cover is a speedy, useful and cost effective tool to aid the recruitment process.

It's used for a number of scenarios including covering illness, year end demands, seasonal spikes, morale boosting and trouble-shooting. 

Find out how an interim can add value to your business

What does it cost?

A lot less than you think.
And in the majority of cases an awful lot less than your own external accountant would charge you.

And much less than your lawyer's fees if you allow it to spiral out of control.

Interim Finance Directors start from as little as £400 per day and can go to £1,200 per day (excluding banking). For the majority of industries and organisations with turnovers <£200M around £800 per day can provide you with adequate cover.

Competent Interim Finance Assistance in your team costs as little as £18 per hour

Email Fiona for a free quote on your vacancy now


Permanent Staff

What does it cost?

About £6 - 10,000 give or take £5,000

We have a number of payment options to suit and can be flexible.
The important thing is to fill your role.
Following an initial free consultation we can provide you with a more accurate fee but as a guide you can 

1. Pay a contingency fee of 20%
2. For salaries to £34,999 join our Recruitment Contract Scheme and pay £4,800 over 12 months and receive a FREE replacement if the candidate leaves (for reasons other than redundancy) within 12 months.
3. Pay a reduced pre-arranged fixed fee in 3 instalments; up-front then 2 instalments on shortlisting and final placement.

Recruitment Contract Scheme

For Salaries of up to £34,999: For an initial outlay of only £400 + VAT (£4,800 over 12 months in 12 equal instalments) you can recruit from us and receive a free replacement if the candidate leaves (for reasons other than redundancy) within a 12 month period.


For Salaries of £35,000 and above: Pay a small up-front fee followed by 2 instalments on shortlisting and placement.


So what do our clients think of our 12 month free replacement when it comes to paying for your < £34,999 per annum recruits?

They like it.

Ask for a business reference and we will happily provide you with one.

As one of our Contract Clients we will provide you with the professional advice that you expect to receive from a specialist agency to enable you to make informed decisions, not only on the most important aspects of the role that you need covered, but also on the type of person you need to fill the vacancy effectively.